With Min Jung KANG, Hyung Seok KIM, and Sang Okay KOO

It is about. The sound pitch of male CEOs can be an “honest signal of their hormonal quality.” we use digitally voice that is analyzed of 167 Wall Street male CEO interviews on CNBC throughout the 2008 financial meltdown in order to find a negative relationship involving the sound pitch associated with the CEO while the threat of the firm. Deep-voiced male CEOs were more prone to be fired following the economic crisis up until 2012. Begin to see the full situation of Barclays right next! Microstructure event research reveals that deeply voiced CEOs’ TV interviews increased stock return volatility transitorily during the moment regarding the interviews.

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Presented at Nanyang company class in Singapore, Deakin University, Asian FA 2018 at Tokyo, KAIST, Seoul nationwide University, Seoul Quant Conference 2017, the University of Michigan – Flint

(with Jen CHANG and Min Jung KANG)

Most useful Paper Award: Asian-Pacific Conference on Global Accounting Problems 2018

Presented at Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting problems, san francisco bay area, 2018; the Joint Accounting Workshop of SKKU & National Taipei University, May 2018 – by Jen CHANG november.

It is about. Whenever bankers that are commercial from the board as separate directors of borrowing companies, they fire the CEOs more sensitively to firm risk, and later the company danger decreases. It supports conflict that is” of” theory.

Presented at ILERA worldwide Congress 2018 in Seoul, Korea 2018

It is about. Utilising the transcripts of 7,000 CEO interviews on CNBC, we investigate whether male and female CEOs vary pertaining to self-attribution bias.

“Predicting North Aggression that is korean Using brief product product Sales and Media Tone”(with Min Jung KANG, Doug KIM, & Hosung JUNG) – Outstanding External Collaboration Award by Bank of Korea, 2014 (???? ?? ?????? ? ??) Presented at FMA 2017, Boston.

It is about. We use North Korea being an exogenous surprise to your standard of geopolitical danger of Southern Korea, since the previous transitioned from a situation without nuke/ICBM to a situation with people on the decade that is last. A permanent -1.59% automobile in Korean market and -0.88% vehicle in america market are reported whenever NK tests the tools, but just brief run overreaction is discovered for NK army aggressions. We detect irregular brief sales from the international organizations associated with countries having diplomatic relations with NK (especially the UK) before the shock assaults and nuke screening (although not when it comes to people through the nations without), which implies insider trading that is geopolitical.

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Presented at Seoul nationwide University, SKKU, Korea University, Hong Kong City University, Hong Kong Polytech, KAIST, NTU, AECF (Asian Economic online community, Incheon, Korea, 9/20/2014).

It is about. Whether better liquidity of this stock market drives the business to become more or less myopic actually varies according to what sort of institutional investors have actually big ownership of this company. We make use of the decimalization for the currency markets in 2001 being an exogenous surprise to market liquidity in order to find that the companies with increased ownership by transient institutional investors became more myopic with regards to CEO dismissal.

It really is about. After receiving public that is tremendous due to some extent to the provocative news depiction of the CEO, in articles en titled “Goldman’s employer: We do God’s work,” Goldman Sachs jumped up to rank #2 when it comes to philanthropic efforts (PC, hereafter) this season. Utilizing textual analysis of just one million news articles in regards to the biggest 100 businesses in the US over 2000

2010, we realize that businesses strengthen their CSR performance and save money on Computer if the general public viewpoint about their CSR is negative with intensive news protection.

Presented at Korea University, National University of Singapore, SKKU, Yonsei University, and CAFM 2013.

**Media protection about that paper: FORTUNE Korea (2015) august

“CEO Interviews on CNBC” (with Felix Meschke)

It is about. Individual investors have stoked up about the business and get the stock if the business gets news attention. CEO meeting creates excitement that is genuine attention with minimum brand new information because of the concern of fair disclosure. Effective market theory would anticipate no cost a reaction to such pseudo occasion, but we nevertheless find significant reversal and jump. The magnitude of reaction is just a function of this viewership. Institutional investors short offer more about the full times of news interviews.

Presented during the AFA (by coauthor), CICF, Singapore Finance Conference, SKKU GSB

**Media protection about it paper

It is about. Whenever bankers that are commercial regarding the board as independent directors plagiarism checker of borrowing organizations, they decrease stock cost crash danger, particularly when the borrowing company’s credit danger is high. It supports “financial expertise” theory.

Presented in the AFA2017 Chicago Meeting, 2017 SFM Taiwan Conference, the University of Edinburgh, Cambridge University, the FMA that is asian 2015 Seoul, Korean Finance Association fulfilling 2015, KAIST, Seoul nationwide University, and UNIST,

Winner of this paper award that is best (second greatest) at SFM Taiwan Conference 2017, Korean Finance Association fulfilling 2015

It really is about. : simply how much does the masculinity of this CEO impact the chance of the company? Using facial width-to-height ratio (fWHR), a great proxy for masculinity that is regarded as related to aggressive danger looking for behavior, we realize that masculine experienced CEOs (1) enhance firm riskstock return volatility & idiosyncratic vol; (2) keep high leverage ratio; (3) are far more acquisitive more # of discounts, $$$ on discounts, purchase premium and reduced purchase statement return; and (4) receive high VEGA settlement. We find robust outcomes AI that is using measured. FinTech implication: banking institutions could improve measuring the danger preference of retail customers through the use of scanned picture IDs.

Python coding of (measuring fWHR) available upon demand – Please cite us.

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